A social cohesion. Art and craft directly helping the community to build confidence, skills and connections, whilst expressing itself and strengthening identity


Sarah Macdonald, the founder and proprietor of Wild West Works, is first and foremost an artist, not a shopkeeper. The object of her new enterprise is to establish links between local artists and crafts people and the wider public, to demonstrate the value of small scale production that creates objects of unique value for both maker and customer. This is the direct opposite of understanding art as a vehicle for generating profit. Sarah says:-

“Unfortunately these days, everything is motivated by the market and the aim of securing maximum financial returns. This lies at the root of our many social problems. To create real sustainability, we have to relearn the value of individually crafted objects in a world consumed by speed and profit. If you understood the social value of what you buy, might you not appreciate it more? You could call it seeing joy in the particular and the small.”